Benefits of Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Benefits of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

At BRED Agency, our staff is excited about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, a valuable addition to the dental industry. Our firm is the first corporate partner with Dragon Medical in the United States to use its software for dentistry. Because the dental industry has been the metaphorical caboose of the medical technology train—the last branch of medicine to receive technological updates—BRED Agency aspires to help dentistry leap ahead.

Automating the office so that a dentist can simply dictate treatment plans, instructions, coding, and everyday actions can save hours throughout the week, creating more time for staff to complete all other tasks. Imagine not having to type everything, write notes, or fill out page after page of forms at the end of the day. The Dragon software records and transcribes speech in real time, and dental health care professionals can dictate to the Dragon the treatment planning that they desire.

The incredible thing about the Dragon Medical technology is its adaptability to speech patterns. After one week of use, the software becomes able to recognize a dentist’s voice and accent, rapidly improving in accuracy as it transcribes dictated words. This technology is extraordinary, and it is truly revolutionizing the digital dental world.