Digital Dentistry Workflow

Why is it Important to have a Digital Dentistry Workflow?

Digital dentistry is the future. Without digital technology, a dentist’s practice remains in the Dark Ages. Dentistry itself is a progressive field, and using digital technology makes daily tasks easier to complete. Patients also respond positively to this technology in part because they do not have to deal with the material used in dental impressions, which can cause some discomfort. In addition, digital technology permits dentists to fabricate devices such as crowns in a fraction of the time that conventional methods take.

Digital dentistry technology such as Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 helps dental health care professionals to write their notes more quickly, leaving dentists and hygienists more time to spend more time on patient care. Software such as patient portals can even aid in education; because the portals are accessible at all times of the day, patients may learn more about dentistry through the portals when between appointments.